Parent Communication

1st Trimester Kindergarten Expectations

A lot of parents wonder what kindergartners are expected to be able to do by the end of the 1st trimester of school (end of October). Here are a few expectations just to give you an idea:


· Recognize letters and their sounds

· Recognize and identify rhyming words

· Identify important book concepts (title, front, back, etc.)

· Understand the difference between a word & a letter

· Read a few basic sight words (I, me, my, a…)

· Develop an enjoyment of reading


· Draw a picture and begin to label stories

· Write beginning sounds of words (C for Cat)

· Write their first name

· Form letters legibly

· Write from left to right


· Make progress in counting to 100 orally

· Count objects to 20

· Count to 100 by 10’s

· Read and write numbers to 20

· Identify shapes correctly

· Describe and extend patterns


· Listen and follow directions

· Follow classroom rules and routines

· Be respectful to others

· Participate in literacy work stations & exploratory centers appropriately

These are just a few concepts we will be working on during the first part of the year. Please reinforce these ideas at home.

At-home Practice


Read with your child 20 minutes each night.

To reinforce learning the concepts of letters and sounds, here are a few tips you can do at home:

· Point out household ideas that start with a certain letter. (S=stairs, K=kitchen, C=couch, M=magnet)

· Go on a letter hunt in the newspaper. (Hi-light letters that we have learned or the letters in your child’s name.)

· Have your child write letters in shaving cream. (This works well during bath time.)