Intersessions are off-week educational opportunities for Turrill Year-Round students. 

Lapeer Community Schools is proud to offer a a unique opportunity that combines extended learning with theme-based activities.  Intersessions are an option for childcare during off weeks for year-round students.

Year-round parents have the option to send their students to school to engage in the theme of the week under the guidance of certified teachers at a minimal fee.  Activities may include field trips, assemblies, technology projects, and arts based activities along with traditional academic exercises including reading, writing and math. 

Below are the dates and Intersession themes for the 2016/2017 school year.  

Intersession #1: October 24 - October 28
Intersession #2: February 13 - February 17
Intersession #3: March 27 - March 31
Intersession #4: June 19 - June 23